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We are a podiatry website design and podiatrist internet marketing company. Among our specialties is providing podiatry website design services and website marketing services for podiatrists throughout the United States. We design websites and market for foot doctors.

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  • >Podiatrist Mobile Website Design + Hosting

    Our services include:

    Responsive Layout Designs - Variety of styles to choose from

    Unlimited content changes - Make changes to your website by emailing us or calling our support line

    Secure and ADA Compliant - Secure Website (https) and ADA (American Disability Act) Example: Click Here

    FREE upgrade every 36 months - Keep your practice website fresh and modern

    Meet the Podiatrist Video
    >Sending you a complimentary tripod to help record the video professionally on a smartphone
    >Providing sample scripts, which may be personalized
    >Editing the video with content about your practice
    >Hosting these videos and adding them to your website's homepage & business listings

    Dashboard - User friendly dashboard to see your forms, traffic, and more

    Domain Name - We will purchase you a domain for your website

    Specialty Specific Library - Educational articles for your practice

    Logo Design - We will create a logo for your business

    Royalty free Stock Images - Images that look great on your website

    Request an Appointment - Ability for visitors on your website to request appointments

    Patient Intake and HIPAA Forms - Makes life more efficient for your patients

    Google Maps - One click directions on your website so new patients don't need to call for directions

    Technical Support - Email and Phone support for your website

    Dedicated Hosting - 99.9% uptime with dedicated hosting support

    Web Statistics - Google Analytics Integration to see your website traffic
    Click here to see our podiatry portfolio

  • >Search Engine Optimization

    We increase the visibility of your podiatry website in organic search results within major search engines.

  • >Business Listings / Duplicate Suppression

    Incorrect business listings are frustrating for our clients and hurt search rankings. We have direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, search engines, and social networks, so your locations perform better in search and your customers find you at the moment of decision.

    We will scan 70 directories and Amazon Alexa to find errors that need correction to optimize your online presence

    We want to make all listings consistent and then lock & suppress any duplicate listings that may appear on these internet

    NEW: AI Assistant Imagine being able to update and manage your digital information across 70+ business directories with the same simplicity of sending a text message

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  • >Unique Blogging

    We give your readers valuable medical content that shows up in search engines on page one of google.

    Click Here To See an example

  • >Google Maps

    We manage & optimize your Google, Bing & Yahoo Maps; it's an important part of any local search marketing strategy.

    Click here for a sample Google Maps page.

  • >Bi-Monthly Newsletter

    Have a newsletter sent out every two months about your practice via email. Gives your current and potential patients something to read, even if they are not computer-savvy.

  • >Reputation Reviews

    We help your business take a proactive approach to managing your brand online
    Push your brand to the forefront with positive reinforcement
    Preserve your brand’s reputation and good name
    Push down negative reviews
    Stay in control of your online reputation
    We keep you informed of what others are saying about your business

    Review Widget/Bookmark

    Click Here For An Example

    Review Postcards

    Reputation Monitoring

    Real Time Reputation Dashboard

    Posting 5 star reviews to Facebook and Google Posts

  • >Social Media

    Social Media Weekly Posting
    We create and update your facebook and google plus accounts to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence.
    Click here for a sample Facebook page
    Click here for a sample Google Posts page

    Social Media Management (Setup Only)
    Creating and setting up your Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Social Media Accounts

    Social Media App
    Use our social media app to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
    Use your patients social media networks to grow your practice
    Download the app onto a phone or tablet

    Social Media Hub
    View all posts from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and your Blogs in one central location or filter by each social media stream.
  • >Call Tracking

    We feel that in order to analyze how your website is helping your practice, it is important to know how many new patients have originated from your website. With phone call tracking, you can quantify the performance of your website by tracing patient phone calls and determining which calls originated from your website. We will assign your website a unique tracking phone number that allows us to measure and review all phone calls that come from your website. All incoming calls are routed from your unique tracking number to your office's regular phone line, where it will ring as usual.

    Phone call tracking allows you to monitor traffic from your website in 3 distinct ways. First, you are able to view and track every phone call that your practice receives. You will receive real-time reporting of each phone call and you are provided with information such as the caller's telephone number, location, and when available, name, address, and demographics. Second, phone call tracking identifies the advertising source of the call, such as your website or Google Adwords. In this way, you can determine where most of your patient calls are coming from. Third, since all patient calls are recorded, you can review and listen to any of them anytime you want. You are able to return missed calls and in turn, respond to potential patients.

    Click the Audio's to view sample files

  • >Customer Dashboard

    DoctorsInternet.com provides a valuable customer back end dashboard where our dental clients can see everything in one place. Using your client login you can access valuable data about your website and online marketing. Through the dashboard you are provided with information about your online reviews, and your online forms. Need to send in an edit? Send it right from our support system which can be accessed directly from the dashboard. View and listen to your calls from call tracking and even enroll in our refer a friend program. Our dashboard is designed to be user friendly with all our client reporting in one place.

  • >Adwords/ Bing / Facebook Advertising

    Pay-per-Click advertising such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads is the only way to GUARANTEE that your practice will appear on the first page of search. PPC refers to the premium space located at the very top of page 1.

    Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram.

Website Styles

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